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I practiced law for 18 years and tried over 200 trials to verdict, several of which were heavily covered by the media. The one thing I learned is that our system of justice is no longer just, because we would rather, societally, be told we are right than get it right. The Show “The Long Version” is about telling the unvarnished truth; unfiltered and unspoiled by corporate sponsorship. Too many times the news we get is tainted. The goal of  “Warriors 4 Justice” is to have the listeners of  “The Long Version” fund the show as opposed to being sponsor driven. We like to say, there are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere within “The Long Version.” The Truth , unvarnished, un-purchased and unfiltered lies within the pages of  Warriors 4 Justice. Be careful all Ye who enter here. Answers lie within if you are prepared for them. Your questions will be addressed on this forum where only we Warriors will see it. We will take that Truth from here and shine the light on America: thereby taking it back for our children.

                                                            Fletcher Long